Welcome to the Mountains

Discover the beauty of the National Park and Pec pod Sněžkou. Come to ski or walk in the highest mountains of the Czech Republic. There are many things and locations, what you see and what you will be attracted by. This area is ideal for a wide range of sports, leisure activities, sightseeing and relaxation.

Of the twenty highest peaks of the Czech Republic is 15 of them being in Krkonoše. In total, the Czech part of Krkonoše has 54 major peaks higher 1000 meters and 16 thousand meter side Rozsochy beyond the border. Some of these peaks are located on the Czech-Polish border (eg. Sněžka) or on Polish territory near the border (high plain).

Krkonoše crest is 35 km long and starts in the west in the New World saddle (888 m) to the east and ends in Kralovecky saddle (516 m).

Town Jilemnice

Jilemnice is a typical small town lying in a hilly landscape of west Krkonoše foothills. Not for nothing is sometimes called the "Gateway to the Western Krkonoše", which has been a popular with tourists for a convenient location perfect for hiking and cycling, in winter ski trips.

The basic tip for a trip is a trail "Jilemnice known unknown" that will take you through Jilemnice and its immediate surroundings, including the most interesting places that can be found around Jilemnice. The castle is located Jilemnice Giant Museum with permanent exhibitions: "The history of skiing in the Czech lands until 1914". But Jilemnice museum also boasts a moving mechanical nativity scene Joachim Metelka, which is a gem among mechanical cribs.

Once a rarity, even European, Jilemnice can boast. It is the Town Hall building from 1781 with a unique clock system - repeaters. Their bell is not only beautiful but very practical. Every fifteen minutes without seeing on the dial, you may well determine the correct time. You will hear the first little dulcimer and announce the number of districts. followed dulcimer middle and reports the number of whole hours. If there is a lesson, you will hear more great cymbal strikes and massive number of whole hours of repeats. The day you hear a total of 1020 hits.